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Some salons offer lashes as an added services,
but listen up, lovelies: We’re the experts! It’s what we do, and We’re the best at it!

We use a special European lash technique that ensures healthier, more beautiful lashes that last longer
and feel fantastic.

Plus, With over 100 types of eyelashes at our fingertips, we can customize your personal style better than
anyone else.

We know that, after visiting us, you’ll be completely bonkers in love with your eyelashes.

Women literally come alive! There is nothing like the look on their faces when they get up and see themselves,
it is so gratifying!

Kristina Shabalina

Florida licensed esthetician, microblading artist

When you talk to Kristina Shabalina the founder of Lash Boutique about her business her passion is infectious. Kristina is a true pioneer in the field of eyelash styling and her skill, speed and artistry are a testament to her experience and have made her one of Sarasota’s most sought after lash stylists.

When she first began 4 years ago she was one of only a few eyelash stylists listed in the city. Word of mouth spread like wildfire and soon Kristina was driving with her table, lamp and eyelash portfolio to an ever growing clientele across the west Florida, trying to keep up with the demand.

Her passion turned her talent into a true art form and in 2013 Kristina opened her own studio. Since then she has built up an incredible list of clientele who keep coming back again and again for her amazing personalized attention and artistry.

My whole life I dedicated to being a successful independent woman. The birth of my son has motivated me even more to become a commuted and driven woman. I am very goal driven and expect a lot from myself which leads me to become the best person I can be

Eunice Chavez

Florida licensed esthetician, Lash stylist

Eunice is 24 years old. She is a mother to a beautiful sweet boy Elijah. Born in Mexico, but raised in the US. She’s hard working, enthusiastic, friendly and generous person. Always been very passionate in beauty and cosmetics!

Eunice take exceptional pride in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and professional application as well as proper technique. The application procedure is so relaxing that most of her clients even fall asleep.

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