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Eyebrow Extensions old

No more messy powders, creams, gels or pencils!

Permanent tattooing can be so painful and very unnatural looking!

Lash Boutique specializes in LASH and EYEBROW extensions. We source our products from around the world and always stay on trend with the latest fashion. You will find that our extensions are very easy to maintain and will help you achieve your desired result.
Our skin adhesives for eyebrows are so safe, that they are used in surgeries on neonatal babies. We offer 2 types of curls for the brow extensions, which will help you customize the look you’ve always wanted.
Women who have naturally sparse eyebrows, used many cosmetic products over the years to fill in their eyebrow area. Powders, Pencils, Waxes, Tinting ant Tattooing…
There was no available option for gaining realistic texture, contour, and feel to the eyebrow area…


Eyebrow extensions applied individually to either the eyebrow hair, or directly to the skin – we can now transform ANY eyebrows into a perfectly sculpted eyebrow, in one appointment.
Eyebrow extensions last up to 3 weeks on the skin with proper care!

Brow Mapping/Wax/Tint – $20
Mini Reconstruction – $50
Medium Reconstruction – $80
Major Reconstruction – $130

Charges depend on how much your brows need to look fuller.


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