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Keratin Lamination

Keratin lamination for eyelashes

Lash Boutique is glad to introduce you new Keratin lamination for eyelashes – salon treatment, during which each cilium is covered with a special compound that protects it from damage. Smoothes the hair, it nourishes and moisturizes.
The composition of matter which is covered eyelashes necessarily contain keratin. It is this substance penetrates the hair structure, nourishes and fills the inside. Keratin penetrated, increases the volume of the eyelashes, giving it health and strength. The effect of keratin lamination eyelash lasts much longer – 2 – 2.5 months.

* Makes your lashes soft natural curve without creases (makes lashes more volume, length)
* Fills lashes pigment evens makes them smooth, shiny, dark.
* Restores the structure of the eyelashes, moisturizes and nourishes.
* No need correction and special care.
* Using only natural nutrient means, which a positive impact on the structure of the eyelashes.
* Suitable for any type of eyelashes.
* Don’t bringing discomfort and limitations in your usually life (including bathing or visiting the sauna).

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